Evacuation Preparedness:

Create a disaster and evacuation plan to avoid leaving family members distraught and confused in an emergency.  Being prepared also helps speed up an evacuation when time may be limited.  Post the plan in a prominent place and review and update it annually.  Disaster planning and preparedness should include the following:

Write out a Family Disaster Plan that includes:
• An "In Case of Evacuation" list posted for quick reference
• "3-Day Emergency Backpack" for each person and pet.
• Two ways to escape from each room and a meeting point outside
• Two escape routes from your neighborhood
• The name of a contact person away from your neighborhood
• A place to stay away from your neighborhood
• Preparations for pet or animal transportation
• Evacuation procedures for children, pets, or valuables in case adults are not available
Create an “In Case of Evacuation” list.
To save time and ensure essential items are not forgotten in an evacuation, create this list.  Prioritize items in order of importance.
• Household members' names and ages
• Location of "3-Day Emergency Backpacks"
• Pets and animals' names and documentation
• Family valuables
• Important documents such as birth/marriage certificates, vaccination records, financial documents, passports, insurance papers and personal phone and address book
• Computer back-up discs

Prepare and maintain 3-day Emergency Backpacks for each person and pet.

• Three days of water, dry or canned food
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