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Welcome to the Inside Your Home Quiz!

Test your knowledge of how to prepare the inside of your home during a fire

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1.Why is it important to move all combustible items away from windows?
  Windows and sliding glass doors may break during a wildfire and nearby combustible items may ignite.
  A clear escape route may be needed through windows.
  Firefighters may need to break windows to enter your home.
   Combustible items located near windows can attract flames and burning embers.

2.Why should you turn off all fuel supplies and extinguish pilot lights?
  Everyone should try to conserve fuel during a wildfire.
  Shutting off fuel supplies will save money on your utility bill.
  Fuel lines are more likely to work after a wildfire has passed if they were turned off.
   Wildfire may damage fuel lines which can cause leaks and explosions.

3.Why should you close all interior doors?
   To discourage thieves and wild animals from rummaging through your home.
  To deter the spread of fire throughout your home’s interior.
   To help let firefighters know you are not home.
  To prevent firefighter water damage.