What should I take with me?

Create an "In Case of Evacuation" list posted prominently in advance for quick reference to save time and ensure essential items are not forgotten. Prioritize items in order of importance and include:


  • household members' names and ages

  • wallet/purse: credit and ATM cards; extra cash

  • cell phone and charger

  • pets and animals

  • family valuables: photographs, videos, and heirlooms

  • important documents: identification with current address, drivers' license, passports; birth, marriage and immigration certificates; tax documents; bank investment, insurance, and other financial documents; vehicle titles; address book

  • computer backup files, laptop, palm pilots, and other information storage devices

  • Items to pass time: favorite toys, cards, books, or puzzles


Prepare 3-day emergency supply kits in advance for each person and pets stored in backpacks or sturdy plastic containers for easy transport. Each kit should contain:


  • 3 days of water and dry or canned food

  • change of clothing

  • personal toiletries



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